Polo Inoltra is a Cluster of over 70 Italian companies. The acronym INOLTRA stands for: INnovation for Organization of Logistics and TRAnsport and summerizes the meaning and the mission.

Polo Inoltra aims at the diffusion of innovation, competitive development and synergy in the system of sustainable mobility, referring to the areas of freight, passengers and related services. The specific objective is to support the creation of a regional network that acts as a driving force for the creation of a system of connectivity, interconnection and interoperability, internal and external to the subjects of the Pole, with an added value for all local businesses.

There are four broad goals:

– environmental sustainability (to improve the urban environment);

– economic sustainability (to reach a positive balance in the cost-benefit analysis of the enterprise system);

– logistical sustainability (to make the urban freight distribution more efficient and effective);

– social sustainability (to improve the working conditions and the safety of the drivers, and the satisfaction of the users)

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