Welcome to the second edition of Newsletter series of the DigLogs project!
DigLogs is a European project funded by the INTERREG Italy – Croatia CBC Programme priority axis 4 – Maritime transport that aims to create technological solutions, models and plans to establish the most advanced digitalized logistic processes for multimodal freight transport and passengers’ services in the Italy-Croatia area. This project will have a significant impact in terms of diffusion and effectiveness of digitalized services and ICT support for the quality, safety and environmental sustainability. In the E-newsletter project, you will find interesting information on the latest developments and upcoming events of the project.

The DigLogs project team!

DigLogs project presented at Transport Logistic in Munich, on 4th – 7th June.
Project partner Elevante participated to the Transport Logistic Fair in Munich from 4th to 7thJune, the world’s leading trade fair for logistics and transport.
Elevante hosted by Consorzio ZAI attended the round table of the New Brain project on Thursday 6th June.
Elevante presented DigLogos project and the state of the art of research activities, participants talked about intermodality, soft innovation and useful tools to improve performance as well as the coordination between partners involved in the logistics and transport chain.
Focus on WP 4: deployment roadmaps

The main objectives of WP4 are to define a roadmap for public and private actors on selected innovations and to involve private and public transport stakeholders in common process for innovation deployment. The WP4 includes three activities:

  1. SWOT analyses

    WP3 will deliver specific describing the present situation and how it will be affected. Built on impact analyses of WP3 SWOT analyses will guide towards the program area strengths and weaknesses (S-W), as well as broader opportunities and threats (O-T) not already uncovered. A SWOT analysis will be developed for each of the three main macro trends identified in the previous WP: informatization processes, big data management and automation. Developing a fuller awareness of the situation helps with both strategic planning and decision-making. The results will be then discussed and fine-tuned in road maps definition.

  2. Deployments roadmaps to increase competitiveness of multimodal transport services

    The main objective of the activity will be to define a road map for innovative solutions deployment in freight sector segment. A draft roadmap will be presented to the project stakeholders and will be the basis of the consultation process. Based on the results of the consultations sessions WPL will then deliver the final version of the road map.

  3. Deployments roadmaps to increase harmonization of passengers mobility

    The aim of this activity is to define a road map for innovative solutions deployment in passenger’s mobility. In terms of methodology, this activity will not differ from the previous one while the actors involved as well as the stakeholders of the consultation process will be different.
    Roadmaps definition will follow the same procedure: first draft of the roadmaps indicating how to introduce innovations in market and policy framework, definition of the players to involve making a precise list of stakeholders, the outlined stakeholders will be then involved in a consultation process presenting them the drafted roadmaps and SWOT analyses. The feedbacks collected will lead to the final version of the roadmaps.